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About Me

Professional side

Currently I work as a software engineer for,

In the past, I have been a part of other projects, such as Billy Mobile,,,,, and

If you’re curious about my professional side, you can check my profile at LinkedIn.

Personal side

I am an ‘american football’ fan (specially fond of the Pittsburgh Steelers), and former player for the Barcelona Búfals, where I tried to pass as a cornerback for some time.

I prefer rock music, but also dig heavy metal, blues and jazz. And my guilty pleasure are cheesy 80’s hits.

I play the bass guitar (badly).

I also read lots of books. One of my distinctive traits is to have a LOT of random data stored in my brain. Things like “Genghis Khan name was Temuyin. His wife’s: Borte”

My first child, Ada, was born on the 21st of September 2014. She is named Ada, part because my wife loves the name, and part as a homage to Ada Lovelace

Been with the same wonderful woman for the last 12 years, and enjoying every minute of it.