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Customize Form Prototype for Collections in Symfony2

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When working with complex forms, sometimes you will be in need of creating a collection field type to manage relations. When this is the case, you may find yourself in the need of tweaking how the ‘add’ form shows.

It’s pretty simple. In twig the protoype can be found under form.collection.vars.prototype and can be used as a regular form (i.e. if your form.collection member form has a ‘name’, it will also be available in

With this information now you can create a twig that recieves an ‘item’, which can be either a form.collection member or a prototype, and it will be rendered the same.

Finally, wherever you hold the collection html, you will have to output something like this:

data-prototype="{% filter escape %}{% include 'prototype.twig' with { 'item': form.collection.vars.prototype } %}{% endfilter %}"

And your prototype.twig should look like

{{ form_row(item.field0) }}
  {{ form_row(item.field1) }}
  {{ form_row(item.field2) }}

This way, you will have access to the prototype as if it were a regular form, and you can apply all the customization you want (you can user form_widget and the other functions, or access the vars directly, etc…)

Creating the helper twig is optional though, but handy because you have to use the escape filter to the twig so you can put it in the correct data-attribute.